Excel VBA Training Course Cape Town. 


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Available Study Methods: - Classroom Instructor Led Courses 

- Course Duration - 5 Days
- Onsite Training for 5-8 people attending
- Classroom training  Location:  CBD

Overview :
In this course, students will apply the Visual Basic for Applications   (VBA) programming language to simplify many of the tasks that you can   perform using various tools and functions in Excel 2013!

Prerequisites: You will need advanced Knowledge of Excel, and a programming background will be a advantage.  







Excel 2013 Power Programming with VBA Course



   - Excel 2013 - Where it Came From

   - Excel in a Nutshell

   - Formula Tricks and Techniques

   - Understanding Excel Files

   - What is a Spreadsheet Application

   - Essentials of Spreadsheet Application

   - Development

   - ntroducing Visual Basic for Applications

   - VBA Programming Fundamentals

   - Working with VBA Sub Procedures

   - Creating Function Procedures

   - VBA Programming Examples and

   - Techniques

   - Custom Dialogue Box Alternatives

   - Introducing User Forms

   - UserForm Examples

   - Advanced UserForm Techniques


- Working with Pivot Tables

   - Working with Charts

   - Understanding Excel's Events

   - Interacting with other Applications

   - Creating and Using Add-Ins

   - Working with the Ribbon

   - Working with Shortcut Menu's

   - Providing Help for your Applications

   - Developing User-Oriented Applications

   - Compatibility Issues

   - Manipulating Files with VBA

   - Manipulation Visual Basic Components

   - Understanding Class Modules

   - Working with Colors

   - Frequently Asked Questions about Excel

   - Programming

   - Developing Excel Utilities with VBA


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