Web Design Course Training to study with the Leaders 

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Available Study Methods:

1. Classroom Instructor Led
2. Online Courses
3. On-site Training for 5-15 people attending

Classroom training courses

Location: Cape Town



Option 1       
Courses to help you administrate your current website.         

check1 HTML5 and CSS3 (2 days).

  check1Dreamweaver CS5 (2 days).        

  check1Photoshop CS5 (4 days).


Option 2      
Courses for creating and administrating new
websites for your company or friends.

check1 HTML5 and CSS3 (2 days).

  check1Dreamweaver CS5 (2 days).       

  check1Photoshop CS5 (4 days).      

check1  Flash Level CS5 (5 days).

 Skills for bussiness marketing  

Option 3
Courses to become a professional Web Designer.

check1 HTML5 and CSS3 (2 days).

  check1Dreamweaver CS5 (2 days).

  check1Photoshop CS5 (4 days).

  check1Flash  CS5 (5 days).   

check1 Adobe Illustrator (2 days).

  check1PHP and MySQL (10 days). 

check1 Introduction to Programming (3 days).

check1 Javascript (4 days).

 Applications development included




Salary Range. :Media R169,000 per year.

Employment Outlook. : Excellent.


"Advancement Possibilities and Employment Outlook."


There are several different career paths available in the field of web design. The entry level position of assistant designer involves designing certain elements of a web page or Web site.

Project managers are in charge of the design or redesign of entire Sites. The project manager may work with freelance artists and writers who supply materials to be incorporated into the Web site.

Design directors oversee the work of a number of web designers, reviewing and correcting it and making suggestions to improve the design. A design director is usually the person who meets most often with the client to discuss ideas and make sure a project meets the client's expectations.

The World Wide Web and its related businesses are growing at an   astounding rate, so the employment outlook for web designers is excellent through to 2020.

"Definition and Nature of the Work."

Web designers are responsible for creating the look and feel of World Wide Web pages for a client's Web site. This involves developing a graphic design that effectively communicates the ideas being promoted by the site. Also the types of colors or images to use (photos, illustrations, videos, etc.), and other matters concerning overall graphic layout.

Designers must have an understanding of software functionality as well as graphic design skills to create successful Web pages.

Because designers work with a client or web producer to develop  and refine ideas, they must have strong verbal and visual communications skills. You should be able to listen closely to the client and create pages that reflect what the client is looking for. They also need to be flexible because they may be called upon to change their pages. Since sites are constantly updated to remain current, a designer has to be able to work well under the pressure of tight deadlines and changing demands.

"Getting the Web Design Job."

As more companies in Cape Town develop their own Web sites. Job openings can be found in classified ads in local newspapers, magazines, and on the Internet itself. Quite often, designers begin their careers as graphic designers or layout artists for advertising firms or publishing companies. After learning the appropriate computer skills, they can transfer their artistic experience to the online world.

Prospective web designers should put together a portfolio of their work to show to potential employers. Many designers are freelancers who sell their services to clients on a consulting or contractual basis. Self-employed web developers often establish a personal page on the internet that showcases their skills for potential customers.

"Working Conditions."

Web Designers usually work in a modern office environment. Much of   the work requires long hours of solitary effort, although designers must also meet with clients and supervisors to discuss projects in progress. Freelance designers work mainly out of a home office, but they may be asked to perform some work at the client's place of business.

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