CorelDraw Courses in Cape Town South Africa

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Powerful tool in Graphic Design and Illustrations!

Available Study Methods: 

1. Classroom Instructor Led
2. On-site Training for 5-15 people attending


Overview : In this course, students explore the CorelDRAW application, customize its settings to suit their needs, create graphical objects and modify them by adding text, spraying objects, and arranging them.

They will also create symbols and templates. Students will use CorelDARW to create the brochure and enhance its appearance with advanced colors, charts, graphics, and formulas.


Graphic Designer jobs will always require the skills gained in this training. Consider adding this to your CV.


Who Should Attend: 

CorelDraw: Level 1 This course is designed for students who have little or no experience using CorelDRAW, but desire to know the basic features of CorelDRAW and use it to create engaging and dynamic drawings.


CoralDraw: Level 2 This course is designed for students who are already graphic designers, or people transiting into a design job, or taking on design responsibilities. It is also meant for students who have some experience with previous versions of CorelDRAW and want to create illustrations, logos, advertisements, or other graphic design documents.

CorelDraw - Level 1 - Class Outline

Duration -Traditional Instructor Led Learning - 1 Days

 Lesson 1: Getting Started with CorelDRAW  Lesson 5: Developing Interactive Elements
  • Explore the CorelDRAW X4 Interface
  • Customize the Workspace
  • Obtain Help
  • Differentiate Between Raster and Vector Graphics
  • Create Rollovers
  • Create Hyperlinks
 Lesson 2: Creating Graphical Objects  Lesson 6: Simplifying Tasks
  • Set Up a Drawing Page
  • Draw Shapes
  • Draw Lines
  • Include Objects
  • Add Text to Objects
  • Work with Macros
  • Print Merge Documents


 Lesson 3: Formatting Objects  Lesson 7: Finalizing a Document
  • Work with Fills
  • Modify Objects
  • Modify Outlines
  • Align Objects
  • Prepare for Distribution
  • Output a Document
Lesson 4: Manipulating Text  
  • Fit Text on a Path
  • Work with Paragraph Text
  • Wrap Paragraph Text
  • Work with a Text Style
  • Modify OCR Text
  • Insert Special Characters
  • Spell Check a Documents



CorelDraw - Level 2 - Class Outline

Prerequisite(s) or equivalent knowledge:

CorelDraw - Level 1 

 Lesson 1: Working with Pages                            Lesson 5 : Developing Interactive Elements
  • Understand Page Elements
  • Create Layers
  • Obtain Help
  • Create Rollovers
  • Create Hyperlinks
 Lesson 2: Creating a Design  Lesson 6: Working with Video Files.
  • Create Custom Shapes
  • Create a Mesh
  • Edit Video Files.
  • Export Video Files.
 Lesson 3: Manipulating a Drawing  Lesson 7: Integrating with Other Adobe Applications.
  • Format Objects
  • Edit Objects
  • Integrate with Adobe® Illustrator®.
  • Edit a Photoshop File in Adobe® Acrobat®.
 Lesson 4 : Working with Images
  • Enhance Images
  • Convert Bitmap Images to Vector Images