MS Office 2010 Training - Cape Town instructor led with great support.

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Available Study Methods:Internationally Recognized Training Institution in South Africa

1. Classroom Instructor Led
2. Online Courses
3. On-site Training for 5-15 people attending


Microsoft PowerPoint is a slide presentation tool. The presentation can be printed, displayed live on a computer, or navigated through at the command of the presenter. For larger audiences the computer display is often projected using a video projector.


Course Training for Microsoft PowerPoint will help you create professional and captivating presentations.


Microsoft PowerPoint is full of features which allow you to present information in a concise and exciting format.


 New Features  Student will learn:
 - Improved Ribbon - easier to customize  - New Features
 - Embed and directly edit video inside a presentation  - Creating presentations
 - Improved, powerful picture editing tools  - Formatting and organizing slides
 - New dynamic 3D slide transitions  - Working with graphics, tables and charts 
 - Advanced sharing, co-authoring and publishing   - Adding multimedia and SmartArt to presentations 



PowerPoint 2010 - Level 1 - Class Outline

PowerPoint 2010 - Level 2 - Class Outline

Level 1 - Class Outline

Duration -Traditional Instructor Led Learning - 1 Day


 Lesson 1: Getting Started   Lesson 5: Modifying Graphical Objects in Presentations
  • Identify Elements of the User Interface 
  • View a Presentation 
  • Save a Presentation 
  • Use Microsoft PowerPoint Help
  •  Edit Graphical Objects on a Slide 
  • Format Graphical Objects on a Slide 
  • Group Graphical Objects on a Slide
  • Arrange Graphical Objects on a Slide 
  • Apply an Animation Effect to a Graphical Object
 Lesson 2: Creating a Basic Presentation  Lesson 6: Working With Tables
  • Select a Presentation Type 
  • Enter Text 
  • Edit Text 
  • Format Text Placeholders 
  • Add Slides to a Presentation 
  • Arrange Slides 
  • Work with Themes
  • Insert a Table 
  • Format Tables 
  • Import Tables from Other Microsoft Office Applications


 Lesson 3: Formatting Text on Slides  Lesson 7: Working With Charts
  • Apply Character Styles
  • Format Paragraphs
  •  Insert Charts
  •  Modify a Chart
  •  Import Charts from Other Microsoft Office Applications


 Lesson 4: Adding Graphical Objects to a Presentation  Lesson 8: Working With Charts
  • Insert Images into a Presentation 
  • Add Shapes 
  • Adding Visual Style to Text in a Presentation
  •  Review the Content of a Presentation
  •  Divide a Presentation into Sections
  •  Add Transitions
  •  Add Speaker Notes
  •  Print a Presentation
  •  Deliver a Presentation


Level 2 - Class Outline

Duration: Traditional Instructor Led Learning - 1 Day 


Lesson 1: Customizing the Environment  Lesson 5 : Customizing a Slide Show
  • Customize the Interface 
  • Set Options for Working with PowerPoint
  • Set Up a Custom Slide Show 
  • Annotate a Presentation 
  • Create a Presenter-Independent Slide Show
  • Set Up a Slide Show to Repeat Automatically
Lesson 2: Customizing a Design Template Lesson 6: Collaborating on a Presentation
  • Set Up a Slide Master 
  • Create Custom Slide Layouts 
  • Add Headers and Footers 
  • Modify the Notes Master 
  • Modify the Handout Master
  • Review a Presentation 
  • Publish Slides to a Slide Library 
  • Restrict Access to a Shared Presentation 
  • Share a Presentation Using PowerPoint Web App
Lesson 3: Adding SmartArt Graphics to a Presentation Lesson 7: Securing and Distributing a Presentation
  • Insert SmartArt Graphics 
  • Modify SmartArt Graphics
  •  Broadcast a Presentation
  • Convert a Presentation into a Video 
  • Package a Presentation 
  • Publish a Presentation to Other File Formats 
  • Secure a Presentation

Lesson 4: Adding Special Effects to a Presentation


  • Add Multimedia Elements 
  • Customize Slide Component Animations



IT courses to study full time or part time. Office administration jobs will often require the skills gained in this course. Consider adding this to your CV.

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