Practical Application of HTML 5 & CSS 3


- 2 Day Workshop

- Prerequisates: HTML5 Level 1 and 2

- Location: Cape Town CBD

- Modality: Instructor Led


Day 1 : Theory and Practical Application of Theory


Using new HTML 5 tags and custom Div’s practically to create modern layouts and effective content flow

  • Making use of the new Header, Footer, Article, and Section tags, and many more
  • Incorporating Media and using custom Div Tags

Gaining absolute power through positioning and Responsive Design techniques

  • Pixels V.S Percentage (Scaling to fit on any device)
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  • Absolute Positioning and Fixed Positioning o Variable Text size.

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Making use of Meta Tags
  • Applying keywords to improve your Google Page Ranking
  • Editing content to support SEO
  • Introduction to Google Webmaster Tools
  • Introduction to Google Analytics


  • Validating your HTML Syntax
  • Streamlining Code
  • Streamlining Content


  • Planning the Testing phase and Creating a Testing
  • Checklist Executing and Managing the Testing Phase
  • Effectively incorporating changes during Testing
  • Closing and Signing off on the Testing Phase

Going Live through FTP

  • Introduction to Web Hosting
  • Understanding Hosting Packages and which is most suitable for your site
  • Connecting to the Web Server
  • Uploading Web Files

Managing and Maintaining your site

  • Monitoring Traffic.
  • Keeping content relevant.
    • Market Research to understand your target market’s ever changing trends.
    • Development Research to keep up to date with the latest technology trends.
    • Design Research to stay fashionable and maintain your sites visual appeal.
  • Working with an offline version of the site and synching with the online version.


Day 2 : Web Project

On day two of the course you will be guided through the process of creating a website from design to deployment, which will meet all the requirements for being relevant, responsive, and well ranked on the internet.

Upon successful completion of the course you will have:

  • A deeper understanding of HTML and CSS code.
  • The power to create an effective, modern day website which can respond to any device size.
  • The understanding of how your website is ranked in relation to your competition and the knowledge and skills to optimize your site to achieve better rankings.
  • The skills to design, implement, and manage a testing phase for your site prior to going live.
  • The knowledge to set up an account, upload your site, and maintain the site while it is live.

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