CompTIA Security+ (IT Security Specialist)

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Available Study Methods:

1. Classroom (full time or part time)
2. Online Courses
3. Duration : 10 Days / Evenings

In this course, students will implement, monitor, and troubleshoot infrastructure, application, information, and operational security.

Audience :
This course is targeted toward the information technology (IT) professional who has networking and administrative skills in Windows®-based Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) networks.

You need familiarity with other operating systems, such as Mac OS X®, Unix, or Linux; and who wants to further a career in IT by acquiring foundational knowledge of security topics; prepare for the CompTIA Security+ certification examination.

Use Security+ as the foundation for advanced security certifications or career roles.

So what is included with the Cape Town Security+ course fee?

Class Room Based Hands-on Books Extra Practical Mock Exam

What you will learn:

- Identify the fundamental concepts of computer security.
- Identify security threats and vulnerabilities.
- Manage data, application, and host security.
- Implement network security.
- Identify and implement access control and account management security measures.
- Manage certificates.
- Identify and implement compliance and operational security measures.
- Manage risk.
- Troubleshoot and manage security incidents.
- Plan for business continuity and disaster recovery

Course Content:

 Lesson 1 - Security Fundamentals  Lesson 6 - Managing Certificates

  • The Information Security Cycle
  • Information Security Controls
  • Authentication Methods
  • Cryptography Fundamentals
  • Security Policy Fundamentals
  • Install a CA Hierarchy
  • Enroll Certificates
  • Secure Network Traffic by Using Certificates
  • Renew Certificates
  • Back Up and Restore Certificates and Private Keys
  • Revoke Certificates
 Lesson 2 - Identify Security Treats and Vulnerabilities                 Lesson 7 - Implementing Complience and Operational Security
  • Social Engineering
  • Malware
  • Software-Based Threats
  • Network-Based Threats
  • Wireless Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Physical Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Physical Security
  • Legal Compliance
  • Security Awareness and Training
  • Integrate Systems and Data with Third Parties
 Lesson 3 - Managing Data, Applications and Host Security  Lesson 8 - Risk Management
  • Manage Data Security
  • Manage Application Security
  • Manage Device and Host Security
  • Manage Mobile Security
  • Risk Analysis
  • Implement Vulnerability Assessment Tools and Techniques
  • Scan for Vulnerabilities
  • Mitigation and Deterrent Techniques
 Lesson 4 - Implementing Network Security  Lesson 9 - Troubleshooting and Managing Security Incidents
  • Configure Security Parameters on Network
    Devices and Technologies
  • Network Design Elements and Components
  • Implement Networking Protocols and Services
  • Apply Secure Network Administration Principles
  • Secure Wireless Traffic
  • Respond to Security Incidents
  • Recover from a Security Incident
 Lesson 5 - Implementing Access Control, Authentication,
and Account Management
 Lesson 10 - Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Access Control and Authentication Services
  • Implement Account Management Security Controls


Relevant Job Titles:

  • Security Engineer
  • Security Consultant
  • Network Administrator
  • IA Technician or Manager

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International Exam Information:

  • CompTIA Security+ certification designates knowledgeable professionals in the fieldof security, one of the fastest-growing fields in IT.

Certification Information

The Security+ exam covers the most important foundational principles for securing a network and managing risk.  Access control, identity management and cryptography are important topics on the exam, as well as selection of appropriate mitigation and deterrent techniques to address network attacks and vulnerabilities.  Security concerns associated with cloud computing, BYOD and SCADA are addressed in the SY0-401 exam.

While there is no required prerequisite, Network+ certification is recommended before taking the Security+ exam

Test Details

 Required exams              CYO - 401
 Number of questions  Maximum of 90
 Type of questions              Multiple choice and performance-based
 Length of test              90 minutes
 Passing score              750 (on a scale of100 to 900)
 Languages              English

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